When lifting any kind of weight, Good form/technique is essential. This will enable the use of the appropriate muscle groups & reduce the risk of injury. Poor form/technique can sometimes result in injuries such as muscle strains and tears, serious back problems and joint pain. These injuries take weeks or months to heal properly, may require surgical repair. Using good form throughout the exercise makes muscles work harder, creating better results.

The Risk of Using Poor Form

Whilst most of us are aware of the short term risks of using more weight than we can handle (e.g. joint injuries, tendon and ligament strains and muscle tears), we mustn’t forget that just because your poor form doesn’t hurt today, doesn’t mean you aren’t damaging your body in ways that will make itself known in the future. Poor lifting technique can in time result in rotator-cuff damage, nerve damage, lower back and knee joint degeneration and a multitude of other bone and muscular injuries. These are the kind of injuries that often result in surgery and at the very least they will keep you out of sessions for a considerable amount of time whilst you recover.

When you’re weight training…..DON’T:

Skip your warm-up. Cold muscles are more prone to injury than warm muscles.

Rush. Move the weight in an uncontrolled fashion. Taking it slow, This helps you isolate the muscles you want to work and keeps you from relying on momentum to lift the weight.

Over do it. For most people, completing a set amount of Reps/Sets of an exercise to the point of complete failure is enough to stimulate muscle growth. Additional working sets may only eat up your time and contribute to overload injury.

Work through the pain. If an exercise causes pain, STOP!!!

In the coming weeks i will be rolling out a series of “Specialist” workshops, 1 session a week for 6 weeks, these sessions are for those of you that want that little bit extra and to push yourselves to the next level …

By breaking down a variety of exercises stage by stage you will be able to correct form, learn from cue points of when and how to move. This will then enable you to build your confidence in how the human body functions.

The first 6 week workshop will be focused on Barbell movements, some of the points focused on will be:-

  • Barbell from the floor to your shoulders (Clean)
  • Shoulder press (strict press, push press & push jerk)
  • Deadlift
  • Squat (front, back & overhead)
  • Feet position
  • Hand position
  • Barbell row

images-6 barbell-squat

These block sessions will be limited to 10 people per workshop.

Non ABSs class/PT clients welcome.

First come First serve basis.

£30 Per person.

To register your interest contact through the following threads….

Website contact form

Email jack@abssfitness.co.uk

Facebook/Twitter message

Heres to a Strong & Mean 2016…

Aim Big Start small…



  1. Hi jack

    I am really interested in taking part just wonder what day and time you where thinking on holding the specialist workshops?

    Cheers Matt

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