Aim Big Start Small…

Two years ago when I passed my personal training and fitness instructing  qualifications with The Training Room. The lecturers asked us what our business plans were. By this they meant would I be working in a gym or be going mobile.  I naively  answered going mobile. I did not want to part of a franchise I wanted to make a name for myself. I had Big aims but was reminded by the people around me I had to start small. That was the birth of ABSs Fitness.

Similar to the birth of a child, this was just the beginning. How did I get ABSs fitness from a vision in my head and into a fully functional business? I did what any amateur would do. I developed a basic webpage, printed some business cards from vista print and got my partner to make some leaflets. I needed a venue!!! I contacted the local community centre and was able to secure two nights a week to hold fitness classes.

The two classes were filled with people who knew me or trusted in my vision. When I stepped into ABSs Fitness circuit class on Monday 6th January 2014, I was overwhelmed. People who knew me then would have known I am not an extrovert so standing there in front of approx 28 people knowing that they were waiting to follow my clear and precise instructions made me shit myself, but I knew that this was the turning point of my career and I had to make it work. Lets just say despite a few teething problems ABSs fitness first class was a success.


Additionally people began to share the classes with their families and friends which meant more people were interested in Personal Training and attending classes. I can honestly say ABSs Fitness has grown as a family. Without the support of amazing and inspiring people I would have not been able to expand ABSs Fitness.

However like a child you have good days and bad days. Last summer I decided to take a risk doing what most personal trainers dream of……opening their own fitness studio. I was finally able to see where I wanted ABSs Fitness to go. The premises was not ideal as it did not have the floor space I required by it was the next step of the ABSs journey. It was located on the first floor of an old sewing mill so after a trial period it proved not structurally sound for the services ABSs Fitness offered. I did not have the financial backing to purchase/ rent a purpose built studio so in the end I made the tough decision to re-evaluate my business dreams and revert back to carrying out five classes a week from Paxcroft Primary school hall. I cannot thank the core group of members (now friends)enough. They have stuck by ABSs Fitness through thick and thin.

10437640_669199893170192_353202904490804278_n11692587_842125699210943_6135319837688732350_nWith 2015 coming to a close and the marking of my two years since ABSs Fitness began. I have a pure sense of satisfaction that I have managed to help, encourage, inspire and relate to people from all walks of life and fitness backgrounds into making that first step into fitness and equally encouraging a motivated, happy, healthier, determined, fitter person. I have recently developed ABSs Fitness website which will encourage members new and old to interact more easily and efficiently and there are many more exciting plans in the pipeline. It will be only a matter of time before I get them off paper and into the real world.


Thanks for reading…

Aim Big Start small…



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