So now the festive season is well and truly upon us with christmas day less than a week away. The ABSs team celebrated their second christmas get together last night at the Well @ Bulkingto12373332_916881865068659_9003100905829760077_nn which again delivered the most delicious food, fantastic venue and wonderful service.

But there is one thing that crosses all of our minds…..How can i eat & drink what i like over Christmas and New Year without piling on the pounds??.

We shouldn’t see christmas and New Year as an excuse to go mad and binge on foods and drink that we wouldn’t normally go to excess on during the other 11 months of the year, this being said you shouldn’t feel you cannot enjoy festive social occasions inclusive of food and drink. Believe it or not there are ways to enjoy all the festive fun without worrying about adding an extra notch to your belt.

5 simple ideas to follow over the festive season

1-Plan when you indulge in the sugary foods and alcohol, Making sure your meals before your “treat days” are on point. Good hearty breakfast for kings/queens (which does not include muting on the quality streets 8am), suitable lunch (not a liquid lunch) and a decent dinner so that your not heading out to your christmas party on an empty stomach. By doing this you wont be drinking with low blood sugar which in the grand scheme of things wont help your waistline and intern will want to make you overindulge on the party food on offer. Preparing home cooked meals in advance will ensure you have something to reach for if the temptation takes over.

2-By fuelling your body in the correct manner you have set yourself up for a “winner”…..Metabolism is booming, energy is on a high and the extra calories are starting to be burnt. This in turn will put you in a far happier place and set you up to have one wicked time.


3-Keeping your energy and fitness up over the festive period can also be helped by increasing your energy expenditure, lets be fair….your more than likely to consume the odd extra calorie…..ok a couple of extra hundred calories, so by increasing your energy expenditure this can help counter balance the increase in calories along with the preparation with our meals. This can be done by walking that extra couple of meters instead of driving, the odd squat here or there……or even that extra burpee whilst you wait for your turkey to cook. Stuck for ideas ABSs Fitness Facebook page has some quick HIIT workout ideas to make you sweaty.

4-By having a “treat” or “cheat meal” this doesn’t have to ruin your whole day nutritionally wise, put it to the back of your mind and start again with the good meals/snacks……

5-The main thing over this festive period is to enjoy yourself but by also making the right choices, lets not be one of “january gang” that make the step into health and fitness….lets be part of the “whole year crew” who continue throughout December (having the odd treat here and there) and keep up what we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Aim Big Start small…


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